Our Mission: The Realization of Everybody’s Full Potential

Our main motivation is the development of the full potential of the leaders who operate at the very core of the organizations. This opens the way to spotting and bringing out the potential of everybody else, to acquiring and consolidating skills with the aim of achieving individual, team, and company objectives.

Transform human factors into success factors: at SWISSNOVA, this mission is guiding all our actions, for the benefit of the individual, the team, and the company.  It forms the very basis of the NOVA Concept.

For SWISSNOVA, the human factor constitutes the core of a company’s performance; our approach places it therefore right in the center of organizational concern. By according priority to the human capital, organizations achieve success. This is how we see it.

An overall effectiveness approach designed for you!

Our implication at the heart of the organizations is tailor made and carried out by means of specific tools according to the objectives and challenges that have been identified on the human capital plan. Thanks to the NOVA concept, we support individuals, teams and organizations in the process of integrating overall effectiveness.

Every person, every team, and every company are different and in constant evolution; therefore, the SWISSNOVA tools and trainings are custom-made so as to meet the present and future needs of the different organizations and adapt to the specific reality of each one of them. All that by means of powerful, effective and accessible personal and professional development tools.

Swissnova: Your strategic partner

Founded in Switzerland in 1997, SWISSNOVA is an ISO 9001 certified human resources services company, who supports corporate strategy by prioritizing the individuals who make up and propel the companies.

Local and international enterprises, public and private organizations, big industries and SME: SWISSNOVA supports a vast clientele in a variety of activity sectors. The organizations call on the NOVA tools and their inventiveness in order to progress, develop, and master the many present or even future challenges related to human capital.

Our Areas of Specialization:

Our Convictions:

SWISSNOVA is far more than an academic approach. We give priority to the practical value that derives from our training contents as well as from our evaluation tools. People should be able to identify themselves with the intentions, grasp the concepts and put the discovered tips and tricks to use.
As experts in training engineering, rather than only transmitting a content, our main role is to ensure that our interventions remain motivating and adapt to the individual profiles. From our test results we know that a person assimilates a process of evolution and change when:

Our interventions are custom-made and carried out with competence, creativity, and conviviality, and with all due respect of our engagements, our participants, and our clients and partners. Our assets:


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