Guiding people to better know and understand themselves, predisposes them to better acknowledge and understand others. This will benefit relational effectiveness and further the progression and the deployment of the full potential of everyone. 

The NOVA Profile provides information about behaviour, skills, different psychological characteristics and what motivates a person. Thanks to the accuracy of its analysis, it can be considered a sound personal and professional development tool.

The NOVA Profile is a psychometric tool that synthesizes three of the most marking works on human behavior of the last century: those of the DISC system of William Moulton MARSTON (associated with the language of colours), teh works of Carl JUNG on psychological types and of Eduard SPRANGER on motivation.

It also demonstrates the ‘natural style’ of a person, no matter what their environment, as well as their ‘adapted style’ which they show as they react to their environment. These two styles allow a better understanding of the perceptions and the interaction of a person with their environment.

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