Gain a better understanding of your management style, your strengths and areas for improvement to maximize your interventions within your organization, to further the communication with your teams, and to reinforce your organizational efficiency. Our expert consultants, specialized in management, support you in the process of optimizing your skills.

Group Synergy
As a company, you wish to improve the communication within your teams by adopting a common language, by getting to know your peers and transforming your differences into complementarities with the aim of creating a better synergy? Our expert consultants come to your organization and on the basis of the NOVA Team Profile, offer you personalized workshops according to your needs..

Our consultant experts in human resources present you with our job profiles, candidate profiles, and job/candidate comparison profiles and assist you in all the key stages of human resource management. We provide you with the best evaluation tools in order to considerably reduce staff turnover, favor retention, capitalize everyone’s talents and mobilize your employees to fully commit themselves within your company. 

Become aware of your sales style. Are you rather a competitive seller? A charmer? Sympathetic? Technical? Learn to better adapt and recognize the different styles of your customers to optimize your interactions with each of them. Whom are you facing and what is the best language to communicate with him? Our expert consultants support you with developing your selling agility in order to maximize your sales.

Are you a bold, charismatic, persevering or expert leader? Get to know yourself, what motivates you, and how you can deploy your natural leadership in order to influence and mobilize people to follow along with your projects? Our expert consultants help you discover your strengths and offer you improvement tracks to deploy your full potential as a leader.

Our consultants in orientation help you with making informed choices at the moment of a career transition. On top of using the NOVA Profile, they are renowned certified orientation counselors.

Nowadays, our young people must take fast decisions throughout their educational and personal pathway. Some of them may even experience an identity or anxiety crisis regarding their future. Our expert consultants support them with discovering their natural style, their natural talents, and their motivations, which considerably increases their self-esteem and makes their personal and professional life choices easier.


The Personal NOVA Profile
Get to know yourself better with the aid of a powerful personal development tool that will help you take coherent decisions according to your true nature. Our expert consultants guide you towards aligning your behaviors with your motivations, which will allow you to deploy your full potential and find fulfillment in all the spheres of your life.



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