Professional coaching with certified and experienced coaches 

Our coaches operate in all sorts of organizations, from SME to large multinational companies. They cover a great variety of sectors like management, entrepreneurship, health and social services, banking sectors, education, finances, and even information technologies.

Targeted interventions

Our coaches support you in your personal and professional transformation; career transition, position change, upgrading and development of new skills, change management, etc.

Our renowned know-how allows us to induce a profound questioning that sets our clients in motion and leads to a transformation, a progression and the deployment of their full potential. Of course, our ethic code commits us to strict confidentiality throughout the whole process. 

Swissnova advocates a very flexible human approach that adjusts to the different profiles.  To give this method every possible chance to succeed, the coachee must engage willingly in the process. It consequently requires that the employer and the human resources meet in order to validate the process.


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